Toshiba Kicks Out 2.4-lb Ultraportable with LED Display

Toshiba1.jpg Still waiting for Apple to release their long-awaited ultraportable? Don't bother. Today Toshiba unleashed their 2.4-pound ultraportable, the Portege R500. Starting at $1,999, this is a lappie that merits a spot in your travel bag. Here's why. Toshiba2.jpg The unit features a 12.1-inch transreflective LED-backlit display, a Core 2 Duo CPU, and unlike most absurdly small ultraportables, it comes with a built-in optical drive (the only laptop to include a 7mm-thin optical drive). Compared with the competition, the R500 is packing way more power for your money. We spent some time with it last month and it's ridiculously light, but the good thing is that it doesn't feel flimsy. The keyboard is solid (and not overly small) and the screen is one of the best I've seen on an ultraportable. The unit is available for $1,999 (starting price).

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