Top 5 Water-resistant Phones

waterbtheadset.jpgThe summer is here and InfoSync has reviewed the Top 5 best water-resistant, ruggerized phones. They tested the Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-V and Type-S and Nextel's Motorola i880, ic502 and ic402. They are all good and do their job reasonably well. After reading their report, we know exactly what cell we would like to take to the beach.

The G'zOne Type-V gets the top position for me, even if it's the 2006 model. While less sleek than the G'zOne Type-S, it has EV-DO connectivity.

I also like the design of the two Verizons better than the Motorolas. You would be able to easily hook the G'zOnes to anything, so you don't have to carry them in a bag or a pocket while practicing sports. Even while, in my case, with "practicing sports" I mean mixing Margaritas and drinking them.

The only bad thing about the Verizons is the size, but still, they are not much bigger than the Moto models.

In any case, if you need a phone to kick around the world that is also resistant to water, suntan lotion and Jason-style pantsing, check InfoSync's five detailed reviews, complete with full galleries and video.

Phones boasting water-resistant and ruggedized cases don't necessarily skimp on features. [InfoSync]

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