Thinkpad Reserve Official, With Details

Thinkpad%20reserve.pngThe Thinkpad reserve's website just went live, and the $5000 limited edition PC's details have just become clear. It basically sounds like an X series, wrapped in leather, and bundled with an hyper-active executive service plan.The main selling points of the plan being 24/7 executive customer service, available by phone, email, and by IM with one touch of a hard button. They'll provide on site service within 4 hours, or the next day if you're too far from a service center. And can help lazy, technophobe CEOs back up their machines. Or replace the whole thing if they accidentally squish it while jumping into their private jets within the 3 year warranty. (Much of this, I suspect, is available with some insane service plan, anyhow.)

The idea behind the leather casing is that it breaks in, rather than breaks down like traditional PC materials. (It also retain tons of heat, but the website doesn't mention this.)

•160GB HDD 5400RPM SATA, with hardware encryption •12.1-inch display •2GB of RAM •7 Hours of Battery life (Sure.) •Intel Centrino Pro, Core 2 Duo L7500 CPU

Thinkpad Reserve [Lenovo]

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