Technonia Slimline (Eek) MP3 Player Launched in Korea

20070618095858950.jpg Korean company Technonia has launched this rather sexy MP3 player (if you ignore the hideous typeface they chose to emblazon "Slimline" on the front of it). And the fact that it's called Slimline, obviously.

Just 7.4mm thick, the Slimline (ugh) has 1GB-worth of memory, a 1.5-inch OLED screen, FM radio, portable data storage and six kinds of equalizer. MP3, WMA and video clips are all supported, and you can view images and text on it.

The Technonia Slimline (blee) is only available in Korea at the moment and costs just under $100, rather an obese price if you ask me.

Technonia to present touch button type mp3 player 'Slimline' [Aving USA]

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