Tale of Two Theatres Wrapped Up Into One

fronttwotheaters.jpgIt was the best of theaters and it was the worst of theaters, when two worlds collided—but literary references aside, it's all good. In the front of the room you'll see a 140-inch screen for a projector, and in the back of the room? There sits a 42-inch plasma display. Why? aimback0607-hudson2.jpgIt points out the advantages of a front projector vs. plasma. When this theater's occupants want to immerse themselves in a movie, they darken the room, fire up the projector and have an experience that's almost like sitting in a commercial cinema, and maybe even better. bar0607-hudson-slide4%5B1%5D.jpg But when they want to hang around the bar, play cards while watching a baseball game, engage in lively conversation and have a few brewskis, what could be better than watching the game on a plasma or LCD display hanging on the wall next to a poker table and chairs and a few barstools?

This is a great idea for a home theater, turning what would normally be a single-use room into a multipurpose sports bar/home theater. With apologies to Dickens, it's a far, far better theater than I've ever seen before.

Home Theater From Two Sides [Electronic House]

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