Switching Up the iPhone Religious Imagery

wpnan070621.gifEven the mainstream, non-tech media is getting into this. But seriously, you guys know we're kidding when we call it the Jesus Phone right? We mean, it's just a phone, even if we're covering the crap out of it this week.

AU: Just a quick word on all the iPhone hoopla. I'm sick of it. But I'll keep feeding it for the sake of those-who-must-know-all. I'll drop a lot of stuff to brief status, but there is some good info too that sheds light on the differences between our own telco phone plan structure and how it all works in the US (seems we're generally much better off). I think it's nifty to get these insights now and then, so I hope you do too. I can only imagine iPhone stuff will get pretty nuts late in the week. But once it launches it will finally become just another option in the marketplace. I hope...

Washington Post Comic Credit Nick Anderson

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