Storms Ahead for The Brave 40 on 5th Ave

GregPackerAppleLogo2.jpgWe've seen some comments asking for more details about the action on 5th Avenue. Well here it is, as requested. At the fore, of course, is the man who by now needs no introduction. Greg Packer was incredibly amiable, talking to anyone who approached him. He even paused for a moment to let us snap the photo above. Though he has been the highlight these past few days, he's joined by about 40 others who are also camped around the Apple Cube, wrapping around the corner at 5th Avenue and 58th.


The area is a swarm of news vans, camera crews, reporters, and the curious passerby with camera in hand. Greg and his fellow campers were grilled by persons famous and mundane–from the random lady recording an interview on her phone, to the likes of Mo Rocca, who arrived just in time for the wind and some light rain. By all reports, the line has been a polite one. Campers are free to get up and stretch, grab a bite to eat, or stop at a nearby public restroom. No one complained when a spot was empty for 20 minutes or more, and there wasn't any scramble for the vacant spot.

It's amazing how many people walking by didn't know about the iPhone. With media buzz about the device right now, you'd think it inescapable. Still, we had nearly a dozen folks come up to us and ask. Very few saw the point in camping out for it, let alone in the rain.


The weather hasn't been too bad, but the rain tonight is the second time nature's tried to dissuade the campers from their impending purchase. While we were out there, it really only drizzled, though some heavier rain and maybe thunder might be headed their way. Still, the line grows by the hour. At the end of it was Pablo, around 40th in line, who came straight from work to begin camping. He brought a book the size of a dictionary to help pass the time.

Update: Wilson went by the line later this evening and counted nearly 70 campers. Looks like the rain picked up a little, too.


We'll be there tomorrow to check up on our brave early iPhone adopters. May they see the floor of the Cube in good health.

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