Star Wars Gift Card With Luke and Darth Makes You Search Your Feelings

SW2.jpgWhat better way to celebrate Father's Day (Sunday, June 17th) than a good old lightsaber fight? Here's the next best thing, a Hasbro Star Wars Father's Day card with figurines of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. To make things easier for you, the package even folds into a gift box, eliminating that tedious wrapping chore.

And maybe old Dad isn't worth the work of wrapping up a present, either. Could that be why you'd want to give him a little gift set illustrating a classic father/son problem? We're both good, Dad, it's just a joke. Really. But be careful about messages you send with gifts. For example, you don't want to give a bottle of mouthwash as a Father's Day gift.

So dear reader, who's the evil one? You or your dad? Both? Neither? Discuss.

The greatest, gutsiest Father's Day gift set I have ever seen [And I Still Persist]

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