Star Trek Home Theatre Has Touch of Realism

startrek_theater_front.jpgHere's an eclectic Star Trek home theater with a touch of realism, and for very good reason: Its owner actually bought props from Paramount Pictures used in a variety of the Star Trek series. Gary Sekulow collected backlit graphic panels from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager, the captain's chair from Star Trek: Enterprise and numerous props from other Star Trek series and movies, and commissioned an Atlanta home theater installer to put the whole thing together. The result? You feel like you're on board something that reminds you of the Starship Enterprise, but the various props come from different eras in the series, so it seems more of a showcase for authentic Star Trek furniture than a realistic duplicate of any specific set. Dim the lights and crank up the projector, and you're in a high-end home theater. We're thinking a lot of this stuff belongs in a museum, not wearing out underneath some rich guy's butt.

Original Star Trek Props Anchor Home Theater [Electronic House, via Born Rich]

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