Spycatcher Gives Novice Spies a Leg Up, But It Ain't Cheap

Spy-Toys-Plug.jpgAre you paranoid about this unobtrusive-looking wall plug? Maybe you should be. British company Spycatcher is your ticket to easy surveillance, as long as you're cool dropping a thousand or two on the equipment.

They've got everything from drug tests to bullet-proof executive waistcoats, but what's really crazy is their globally communicative listening devices. Take the plug for example. With a SIM card inside of it, all you have to do is give it a ring from anywhere in the world and voila, it'll let you listen in. Sound crazy? You're not thinking like a spy. Yet.

AU: I'll be in the UK in a couple of weeks for a short stay, but I thought I'd try and hook up a tour of a great Spy Shop in Mayfair. They take things pretty seriously, so fingers crossed.

At around $1500, this 13-amp adapter fitted with a GSM transmitter might be one of the most expensive outlet adapters you've ever purchased—not including your trip to the hardware store to pick up an adapter to use the thing. Also, the transmitter might be dualband, but we're talking European dualband: 900/1800 MHz. That's not compatible with what we've got in the States. But chances are if you're the kind of person who can easily spend $1500 on something like this, you'll figure it out. Oh, and don't plug anything else into it.

So after a little creative placement, just slide a SIM card into the space built for it. A call to the adaptor will activate an internal microphone, advertised as totally silent, and from then on you're clear to snoop all you like. A phone call seems to be the only method, unfortunately, and you have to provide your own SIM card. But what kind of spy are you if you don't have a couple in your pocket right now? If you need something that won't get unplugged when someone needs to use a blender, there's quite a selection of other household goods. Check out the gallery and see which one suits your needs best. For you feng shui types there's even a basket of potpourri!

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