Specs on the Meizu M6 SE Revealed

meisu_m6_se.jpgRemember the $130 Meizu M6 SE PMP we told you about, sporting 8GB of video in a 7mm shell? Good. Meizu just announced more details the unit.The M6 SE will handle MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV9, H263/264, RM(VB) videos running at 720x480 while pushing 30 frames a second—all of which can be spewed to TV via video out. Viewing angles are improved to 80 degrees from each direction (a hike of about 20 degrees). Battery power was confirmed for 30 hours music, 5 hours QVG or 3 hours VGA.

We're really liking the looks of this updated Meizu M6, but word is there could be delays from its late summer target to sometime in Q4.

Meizu Spills More... [meizume]

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