Sony's Secret R&D Open House

Nano_tree.jpgOnce a year in Tokyo, Sony invites some lucky people to check out the super-secret stuff their Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) have been cooking up. What's the CSL? It's the R&D division that explores future technologies with no specific product or division in mind, so they aren't forced to only work on Blu-ray products or phone technologies.

Well, this year's open house just happened, and Sony had some pretty neat stuff to show off.Up at the top there is a speaker with ferromagnetic nano particles inside, dancing and reacting to the music playing.

ChatScape.jpgNext up is ChatScape, a circular table with a projector shooting down images on it, allowing users to email photos from their phone and have them show up in real time. Think of it as a poor-man's Microsoft Surface Table.

There's plenty more to check out, so head on over to Digital World Tokyo and get the whole story straight from the horse's mouth.

Sony's geeky backside exposed in Tokyo R&D extravaganza [Digital World Tokyo]

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