Sony's Eco-Friendly odo Line: No Plugs Required

sony06.jpgEco-chic is well, chic these days, so Sony's stepped up with a conceptual line of environmentally conscious consumer electronics that are powered by a combination of kinetic and solar energy. That's right, no more AC adapters or chargers.

Comprising the lineup are the Spin N' Snap camera, Push POWER Play viewer, Crank N' Capture video cams, Pull N' Play headphones and solar array Juice Boxes, which work like batteries for other devices.

The Spin N' Snap is probably the most intuitive—you twirl it around your fingers (well, you turn the hole, so hopefully you can twirl it, otherwise it might be tedious) to charge it and then use the same holes as the viewfinder. The others work similarly: You turn the crank on the video camera, tug the cords on the headphones and roll the viewer along a table to charge it up.

Of course, such devices have their limits for the time being—there's no display for the camera because it's hard to generate enough juice for a backlight, for instance. But then again, that's why for now they're just concept models, so there's no telling how long it'll be before they make their way into our chugging, cranking little hands.

Sony's odo line (translated) [Digital Camera Watch via Engadget]

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