Sony Upgrades its HD Camcorders for Summer


Quiet as you like, Sony have snuck out a couple more HD-compatible camcorders, the SR8 and the SR5C without even a whisper. The SR8 looks like an upgraded version of the SR7 which is barely two months old, and the SR5 is now the SR5C. You want prices, shipping dates, more pics and just what these lovers are saying to each other? Of course you do.

AU: Sony has flagged an upcoming camera event for next week here, so we can expect local details on these Handycam updates then.

Sony_SR5C_004.jpg Say howdy doody to the SR8, with its 3.2 megapixel video sensor and 10 x optical zoom. It'll cost you $1,600 and is available "on or before", says Sony, July 9.

Sony_SR5C_003.jpg This, my friends, is the SR5C, which has upgraded storage, and increased capacity from 40GB to 100GB. If you encode your video in H.264, you should be able to get about 36 hours of 1080i-resolution HD video onto the camera. Again, July 9, and expect to pay around $1,300.

Sony_SR5C_002-1.jpg Loverette: "I have acute angina, you know." Lover: "Yes, it's as soft as a mouse's ear."

Sony slips out SR5C, SR8, HD video cams [Electronista]

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