Sony Style to Include In-Store Tech Support

Sony-Style-Store-Front.jpgGood news! You can stop trying to fit that run-down Vaio or broken Playstation into the mail bin and instead drag them on over to Sony Style! Sony is firing up Backstage, its new store tech support service which will diagnose, repair, or even hand out a fabled replacement if the problem can't be resolved. Sounds a bit like Apple's Genius Bar, which might be a good thing. Might.In-store tech support seems to be getting a more popular as it helps build consumer confidence. After all, if the guy telling you about a product is the same guy who was poking at one with a screwdriver behind a desk, he knows all about it, right?

Still, we're a little hesitant. I don't mind the guys who work on the machines selling them, but I wouldn't necessarily want the guys selling them fixing them, you follow? I miss the days when techs were techs, and they never saw the light of the retail floor.

Look for Backstage in New York and New Jersey stores.

Sony follows Apple's lead with in-store support [electronista via CrunchGear]

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