Sony Ericsson's w960 with 8GB, WiFi, Touch and the W910's Shake Controller

walkman960910.jpgHere's a deeper look at the Walkman phone line's latest high end model, the W960, most notable for its generous and 8GB of storage, WiFi, 3.2 MP cam, and a 320 x 240 pixel touch screen that can be used to browse media. Sounds familiar to Apple's offering, except for the physical keypad and it only has European 3G, no EDGE. Then there's the beet-red w910, seen in May, without touchscreen, but with a playback mode that can shuffle by mood, and by shaking the phone, and access to an online music store. You can't make this stuff up. You also can't get any of these stateside, unless you import. And you might want to import the lower end phone for best compatibility with our networks. Unfortunate.

I love Sony Ericsson, and at least in terms of handsets, they get software and have the best user interfaces for non-smartphone handsets I've ever seen. If you're going to import them, the w960 is a UMTS triband phone that won't work with US UMTS frequencies and strangely EDGE support is left off the spec sheet. So you're risky having GPRS only data (Yech). So it's a lame duck as far as the US phone lovers go. The W910 is quad band, so you can import it to better support. (No US 3G, but at least it has EDGE).

The W960 also comes with a "street-style" behind the head Bluetooth headset, the HPM-83.

And both of these phones will have that rad new TrackID software that can identify songs by audio fingerprints, or by the new text search by album, artist, song name, title, and even lyrics.

P.S. Did you notice the W960 has a little lanyard loop on the side? w910 and w960 [Sony Ericsson]

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