Sony Ericsson's Fashion Phones Look Pretty, Don't Like to Think

se-z320-ninja.jpg Proving they haven't forgotten about all you clamshell lovers out there, Sony Ericsson just unveiled the newly minted Z320 and Z250. The Sony Z320 gets extra points for its nice finish, simple design and the cool-looking retro display with fixed icons that light to show incoming and missed calls, messages and mute status. But then, it loses them with the 1.3 megapixel camera and 1.8" 65,000-color display. Still, it looks like it will be a nice low-end clamshell when it comes out next quarter. Then there's the Z250.

Like the Z320, the Z250 is an entry-level phone for the fashion crowd. It looks spiffy in its shiny coat, but feature-wise, it's even less advanced than the Z320 with only a VGA camera and 10MB of memory. It does, however, pack a 7-hour battery and an extra design on its front-side.

Of course you can always go for Sony Ericsson's more advanced offerings (we would). Otherwise, both clamshells will be out next quarter.

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