Sony Ericsson K850, 5MP Camera and Phone in One

k850_front.jpgWe got a quick hands-on with Sony Ericsson's latest Cyber-shot camera phone, and it's a sweet 5-megapixel camera shoehorned inside a great-looking little cellphone. It's the K850 and it has a dual-front style, with a camera on one side and a cellphone on the other. We especially like the raised-button keypad with contextual icons, making it easier to handle the two sets of features within. When you're using the camera, a different set of icons are highlit, letting you make things happen without that cumbersome menu-dive that's usually necessary.

It's also bringing SE's Best Pic feature, and great way to take five photos in rapid succession, letting you pick the best of five. It's also packing easily scrollable menus. Even though the screen is just 2.2 inches, it's still packed with nicely designed icons that are easy to decipher. It's a fine-looking phone, available in black with shiny green trim that we found striking, and there's a brushed metal model with blue trim, too.

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