Sony Ericsson Brings Out New Mobile Accessories


After yesterday's slew of phones, watches, etc, here are a few more gewgaws from the Sony Ericsson stable. First up is the MDS-65 music stand, which turns all of SE's current cellphone models into a PMP. You can run it from the mains as well as with batteries and it'll be available later this year.

What else?DS-200.jpg The HBH-DS200 Bluetooth headset with music and calls control, which is similar to the HBH-DS2020, available gratis with the W960.

mmr70.jpg The MMR-70 FM transmitter, which has a range of 30 feet.

There are also a couple of standard headsets, the HPM-90 and the HPM-83, and all booty will be available later this year.

New music accessories for Sony Ericsson Walkmans [All About Symbian]

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