Slingbox Releases New Virtual Remote Update for Windows

slingbox.pngSling fans ahoy! Instead of releasing new virtual remotes (the onscreen remotes you use to control your set-top boxes) with big software updates, now Sling's going to release more frequent updates with just the remotes. Yippee!

The version 1.0 update includes support for TiVo Series 3, AT&T Uverse &HomeZone, Some Motorola Cox set top boxes, various UK remote and even AppleTV/FrontRow/iPod. Nice! Grab it now if you've got Windows and a Sling.

AU: I'm hitting the UK for a stint very soon, and I'm thinking I might pick up a Slingbox there - then we can find out if it's perfectly fine for use here in Oz (can't see a technical reason why not, especially using a UK edition). Anyone already test this theory?

Download Page [Sling]

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