SIM2 HT3000E 1080p is Cool but Pricey

ht3000e-gall-1.jpgHere's the new HT3000E 1080p DLP projector from home cinema gourmet house SIM2. Beyond looking great in Darth Vader's private screening room, the HT3000E comes with a technology called Unishape, which modulates the light intensity according to the image content "with millisecond precision, similar to a waveform generator." Jump to see what this means for image quality, its price and one image of its back.ht3000e-gall-2.jpg

Combined with a new color wheel, SIM2 says that Unishape also makes the HT3000E 40% brighter, with 60% less dithering and 15% more colors than their previous generation. For the stunning $20,000 price tag, it better come with an unlimited life supply of fresh popcorn and a foot massage with each movie.

Product page [SIM2 via AV Forums via T3]

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