Sharp WillCOM W-Zero 3 Advance, Slimmed Down with a Better Screen

w-zero3-advance_front.jpgSharp's WillCOM W-Zero 3, which we likened to an iPod for dirty old businessman, just got itself an upgrade, and now it's called the W-Zero 3 Advance. What we really like about it is its higher-rez display, which is now an impressive 800x480 pixels although it's only a 3-inch screen. Sharp, indeed. It's also a great feature to have that numeric keypad separate from its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which it's always had, but now it's slimmed down to almost half its former thickness. Hey, this thing is sweet. But it's one of those devices that may not ever make it to the United States. Anyway, we can at least hope other copycat phone designers might swipe some of its great ideas and tech.

Sharp gives W-ZERO 3 an upgrade [Ubergizmo, via PC Watch]

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