Samsung's SCH-C220, Tiny as an Abbreviated Miniskirt

samsung_1-thumb.jpgCertain that dozens of different cellphones weren't quite enough for its bloated line, Samsung rolled out yet another one today, and this SCH-C220 is cute enough to call the Anycall Miniskirt. Attempting to imitate the thin, well-heeled chicks at whom it's aimed, its 10.9mm thin silhouette is unusually svelte, especially for a slider.

It's so shiny and reflective, those babes will be able to use it as a mirror, and then they can take pictures of all their adorable friends with its 2-megapixel camera. It'll be available in a choice of white, red, or blue, and it's not going to be cheap, either, selling for around $650.

We especially like its built-in GPS that displays real-time traffic information, but dang if this little trinket is only going to be available in Korea.

Samsung SCH-C220 - Anycall Mini skirt phone [Gizmodiva]

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