Samsung VM-X300: From 'Off' to 'Record' in Three Seconds


Ooh, ooh ooh, all hail Samsung. Our top banana Koreans have brought out a new MP4 ASP camcorder that, although it looks like an electric shaver, can go from "Off" to "Record" (via "On," of course) in three seconds.VM_X300_002.jpg

That's good news for any men who are, shall we say, Quick Off The Mark, who are lining up for a post-chokey movie session with Paris Hilton, I suppose.

No news about price or availability - feel free to insert any "Paris is Cheap" jokes you may have lying around right here - but we'll keep you informed. Resolution is 720 x 480 pixels and it shoots 30 fps. That's the camera, you filthy moos.

New camcorder by Samsung, the VM-X300 [Akihabara News]

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