Samsung Spins Out Twin Burners For Desktops and Laptops: With Gallery

SET084LODD2_LG.jpgTwo burners from Samsung today, one of which claims to be the world's fastest burner at 20x. The SH-S203 is a Serial ATA burner that supports DVD+R/-R, DVD+R, and every other CD/DVD format (including DVD-RAM). The most notable feature, obviously, is its 20x DVD+R and DVD-R burning, but DVD-RAMs burn at 12x, DVD+R DL burn at 16Xx, and DVD-R DL burns at 12x.

You'll have to find blank media that supports burning that fast, of course, but that shouldn't be too bad. The drive itself is only $70.The other drive, a $150 slot-loading affair, gives you a USB connection and actually supports those 8cm discs that always get stuck in our MacBook Pros whenever we trick Mark into thinking they work. The gallery below shows a cutaway demo model in action; note that there's even a manual eject. Similar Samsung-built internal drives will ship shortly with some big PC makers.

The SE-T084L will have burning support up to 8X DVD+R, 6X DVD+R DL, 8X DVD+RW, 4X DVD-R DL, 6X DVD-RW, and 5X DVD-RAM. Obviously slower than the desktop drive, this slot-loader will give you burning on the go whenever you need to, you know, burn on the go.

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