Samsung Celebrates Shifting One Million Miniskirts, Parties with Laydeez in Miniskirts


At the beginning of this month, Charlie touched on the latest Miniskirt phone from Samsung. Well, to celebrate the fact that one million units have been shifted in Korea since its launch, the company had a lay-dee party.

Personally, I think something like this is great - I mean, there's only so many black geek tee-shirts that us gurlz can put up with, so a line of all of this summer's key fashion looks (Suspenders! Sixties Shifts! Slogan tees! Spots! Ow-My-Eyes Graphic Prints!) can only be a good thing. You want more lay-dee shots? Of course you do...SCH_C220_001.jpg


Hurrah for lay-deez! And hurrah for Gizmodo readers! Lordy-pie, it's good to be back.

Mini skirts for all!! [Akihabara News]

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