Samsung Bordeaux Breaks Contrast Ratio Record

SamLCD.jpg Samsung LCDs are known for their typically high contrast ratios, and their new Bordeauxs follow in that tradition, packing a 17,000:1 contrast ratio, which is several notches higher than your standard contrast ratio. But don't be fooled by numbers alone.

The TVs, which come in three sizes (40-inch LN40M81BD, 46-inch LN46M81BD, 52 inch LN52M81BD) feature the Advanced Common Application Platform (ACAP), which is a fancy way of saying they let you interact with programs you're watching, whether it be by downloading feeds or content from the Web. Not to mention they're all 1080p sets. Unfortunately, there's no word on if we'll see them here in the States.

AU: This is the fabulous Samsung M8, as it is known locally. The same screen Microsoft borrowed three of to set up that crazy Forza 2 rig for their launch event in Sydney. Tasty, tasty screens. And it seems we have them long before the USA will, so bully for us!

New PAVV Televisions by Samsung [Akihabara News]

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