Samsung 70-inch LCD TV Has Local LED Backlighting

samsung70localled.jpgThe Samsung Intergalactic Empire keeps presenting hot models left and right. And some LCD televisions too, like this 1080p 70-inch model they introduced today in Korea, the first commercial Full HD TV ever with selective local LED backlighting. The new system, which will be sold around the world during the second half of the year, allows for some amazing features.

To start with, the local backlighting means that the TV can automagically turn off the LEDs in dark areas of the image. This not only brings deep blacks and a 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio but also, according to Samsung, it reduces the power consumption "by as much as 50%." It also implements LED scanning, in which "LEDs are rapidly shut off in sequence" eliminating flicker and ghosting.

Samsung has quite a bit of these technologies lined up. While this one will completely turn off the LEDs in some areas, future versions of the technology will adjust the backlighting dynamically over finer surfaces.

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