Salient Wireless Pen Mouse Doubles as Dildo

salient_penmouse_front.jpgFor those artists whose desire of a fat pen is accompanied by the need for a two-button scrolling mouse, Salient Tech swoops in with the VM-203, a wireless pen mouse with 1000dpi resolution. It's designed to be easy to use, with its rubberized grip and rounded ergonomic shape, but to us it just looks like it's too big. Couldn't they have slimmed it down a bit? Maybe it's actually not fat enough for its obvious secondary use. Wonder if it vibrates.

It's a valiant effort, though, with a light weight of just over an ounce and internal optics that can still work even on curved or soft surfaces.

Our resident expert pixel pushers here said they wouldn't be caught dead with such a clunky device, but it's your choice, and if it doesn't work out, you could always use it for stress relief. Use it with a Mac or PC, but consider a Wacom tablet first.

Wireless pen mouse for designers [AVing]

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