Ring Mouse Causes Existential Crisis in Giz Writer

ringmouse1.jpgWhen I first saw this Ring Mouse, I thought to myself, "Great, another stupid gadget from the far east that is an opportunity for me to shoot fish in a barrel and make some jokes." That's what I think to myself before a lot of posts, but something gave me pause this time. Am I losing my edge, becoming soft? Am I shedding that thick shell of bitter cynicism that allows me to read through a few hundred gadget sites every day without losing my mind (much)? Because I've got to be honest: I kind of like this thing.ringmouse2.jpgSure, it's a big departure from normal mouse design, but it would be nice to be able to sit back with this thing on my finger, surfing around the web easily without having to be hunched over the trackpad of my laptop. Hell, if they made it wireless I might actually buy one.

Quick, help me out. Make fun of this thing for me, get me back to my senses. I feel confused, cold, and alone.

Global link to present a ring-type mouse [Aving]

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