Remio HC UPS/Speakers Proudly Look Like Craps

remio.jpgLooks like uninterruptible power supply manufacturer Remio has decided to try their luck with their HC series. They got some plastic cubes, make them into dice and fill them with everything they could find, from powered USB ports for charging your gadgets to audio input and output ports. They even included two speakers along with the surge protected plugs for power cords, fax and CATV coaxial connections. Full specs and a diagram showing all its faces after the jump.HC01.gif


Tech specs

Full power protection and back up your equipment. Intelligent microprocessor control. Lightning and surge protection. Output short and over power protection. Smart battery management. USB/SNMP capability. MP3/4 charger. Stereo audio function. RF protection (CATV coaxial jacks).


Product page [Remio via Impress PC Watch]

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