Reactee Custom T-shirts React to Cellphone Messages

giz_shirt.jpgPromote your favorite cause or just some dumb saying on your T-shirt with a Reactee, an interactive T-shirt that combines cellphone messaging with a customized slogan you write yourself. First, you visit the company's website and write the slogan and a keyword to be placed on your shirt such as "Am I a dork?", "Obama for President" or "Want to get laid?".

Anyone who sees your T-shirt can react to your message by texting the keyword you placed on the shirt and calling 41411. The system responds with whatever message you entered at the company's website. Great if you're out in public a lot and have an extra $20 to spend on a custom T-shirt that says exactly what you want it to. Try texting our shirt above for a secret message.

AU: Obviously you shouldn't bother trying to txt that number, but the idea is pretty damn cool, no? Could be a goer here I'd say!

Product Page [Reactee]

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