Quick News: Safari for Windows Hits a 1,000,000 and More

ka-56.jpgDespite the influx of "Safari for Window's is destined to fail" comments, Apple proved that the Windows market is at least interested in trying out the web browser. In 48 hours they recorded over 1,000,000 downloads.

Google isn't the only one getting an anti-trust review these days, Yahoo and Microsoft can be added to the list now as well. And all of the reviews are in response to their recent purchases of Internet ad companies.

Comcast is investing in the start-up, BroadLogic Network Technologies. Their claim-to-fame is a pair of chip-sets that can greatly increase the available cable bandwidth. That would help out with Comcast's goal of getting to a 100 megabits/second download. Palm has announced new restructuring plans that will cause over 1,200 employees to start looking for jobs elsewhere. Most of the layoffs will come from the US development group.

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