Power Dome Generator is Really Just a Big Battery for Your Gadgets

power_dome.jpgSomeone has decided to put a 18 lbs lead-acid battery in a yellow case with a handle and call it a "400-watt generator." According to the product page, this will feed "your TV for 5 hours or your PS2 for 8 hours" if the power goes down. If playing video games is not your thing you can always enjoy the built-in 275 PSI air compressor. Or the included nipple clamps. Whatever rocks your boat for $99.99.

Product Features

Portable Power Supply Can Run A/C or D/C Based Electronics, Appliances and Tools Devices Can be Powered by The Internal Sealed Lead Acid Battery or from a Vehicle Cigarette Lighter 2 AC Outlets and 2 DC outlets 260 PSI Air Compressor with Gauge 600 Amp Cranking Power Jump- Starter 400watt inverter 1000watt surge Charge level indicator Bult-in 5 LEDs worklight Able to power

Laptop(45w): 4.5hr Boom box (23w): 8hr Fax machine (15w): 18hr standby Camcorder (8w): 24hr Video Game (35w): 5.5 hours Portable Refrigerator:(45W) 4.5hr 13" TV (59w): 3hr Power Drill (360w): 1hr Built-in Battery

High grade Sealed Lead Acid (Maintenance Free) 18amp-hr Output

12V DC 115 volts AC (nominal) Input Charging Source: DC or AC w/included cables Fuse Type

40 Amps external Charging Time

AC - 34hours, DC - 12hours Light source

LED bulb Safety Features

Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection UL Listed Accessories included

AC adapter DC cigarette adapter Dimensions (inches)

10.5x11.5x8.5 Weight


Product page [Think Geek]

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