Pogue's Q&A on the iPhone

Although Pogue's review of the iPhone was generally positive, his Q&A with the readers on the phone has quite a lot of "no's." Among the questions he answers are whether it will work when you're wearing gloves (no), whether you can use the phone with an overseas SIM card (no), whether it has voice memos, voice dialing or call recording (no), and whether you can dial it without looking (no).

However, you can use it with one hand, and it has just about all the iPod features found on an actual iPod. But there's no games, no lyrics support and you can't output video to a TV, or use it in disk mode. There's iffy compatibility with iPod accessories, no custom ringtones (we knew that) and no phone calls when you're using EDGE.

Head over to NYT to get the full scoop. OFten-Asked iPhone Questions [NYTimes]

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