Pissed Off Because You Bought a MacBook Pro Before Tuesday?

moneyfornothing.jpgWe've all done it before—you go out and buy the latest and greatest gadget. Only to find out the very next day it's been upgraded, and now you own a worthless piece of last-generation junk. And we're sure that a good chunk of you recent MacBook Pro owners are pretty pissed off. But if you bought your laptop within the last 14 days and want to pay a 10% open box restocking fee, you can go ahead and get an RMA from Apple.

But if you want to keep your current machine and you bought your MacBook Pro after May 26 from an Apple Store (brick-and-mortar or online), they will give you back $200 for your troubles. Just bring your receipt into an Apple store or call 1-800-676-2775.

AU: We have some similar policies here, the 14 day returns are available (though the Ts & Cs say not on custom configured gear), and there is a price guarantee over same 14 days.

Post Purchase Policies [Apple Australia]

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