Philips SRU8010 Universal Remote Control Kicks Ass

philips_remote_front.jpgPhilips gave us a chance to get our paws on its latest universal remote control, the SRU8010. This baby packs lots of features into its rather conventional form factor, with a 2-inch LCD display that shows a huge variety of 400 different icons for the channels of your choice.

Here's a gallery of the remote and its wizard-based interface, and on the next page there are a few hands-on impressions:

It was easy to maneuver through its wizards, and not only does it have the code for almost every remote control in the world available, it's also a learning remote that can pick up commands from any of your existing controls. I like the way it receives its learning commands from the bottom of the remote, rather than having to awkwardly point the head ends of two remote controls at each other.

It has a pretty good infrared signal, too, so widespread that I pointed it at myself and it was still able to control a DVD player 10 feet away. What was the most surprising about this controller is its $79 price. It just started shipping a few days ago, and it looks like a good value thus far. We'll have a more detailed hands-on look coming up soon on the Giz.

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