Philips Rolls Out Norelco Razors From an Alien World

arcitec_front.jpgPhilips has just changed its Norelco razors into an almost unrecognizable form factor, and here's the flagship, a razor called Arcitec that will be released later this year. It's completely redesigned, made of carbon fiber, chrome and stainless steel, and it has an LCD screen that tells you how many minutes you have left until it's time to charge it again.

Look at that odd 360-degree head that makes it easier to get at those pesky hairs on your neck, staying in constant contact with the skin and giving you a better grip at the same time. This high-end Arcitec will be $249.99, and the lower-end razor is $79.99. Peep at the gallery and then jump for more details about the cool-looking blue one.

And check out this cool-looking blue razor, the $79.99 model 840, which will be released in July. It packs a week's worth of lotion-goo into a little reservoir, instead of using an old "sachet" system of refilling the stuff that Norelco used before. You can either get a little container of the smoothing lotion and refill it once a week, or you can buy a fancy $149.99 recharging station that also fills it up with the stuff while it charges.

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