Palm Foleo vs. DIY Palm Pilot Notebook

foleovsnotebook.jpg This week Palm announced the Foleo, an ultraportable Smartphone companion laptop. The January 2007 issue of Make shows you how to take a hardcover book and turn it into an ultraportable laptop by embedding a Palm Pilot and keyboard. The designer, Allen Wong, even powered it with AAA batteries that last for days. How does the Foleo stack up against Wong's Palm Notebook? It's time for... Iron Gadget!Power Up Foleo: Instant On Palm Notebook: Instant On

Screen Size Foleo: 10-inch screen, 1024 x 600 Palm Notebook: 2-1/4" x 3"—Wong used a IIIe which is 160 x 160

Connectivity Foleo: WiFi and Bluetooth Palm Notebook: Wong used a serial cable. But a newer Palm, like the TX, would supply WiFi, Bluetooth and infrared

Battery Life Foleo: 5 Hours Palm Notebook: Days... if you're carrying big pack of AAAs

Memory Foleo: About 118MB RAM expandable with SD card slot. Palm Notebook: 2MB RAM (later Palm models have SD slots as well)

Weight Foleo: 2.5 lbs Palm Notebook: 1.1 lbs

Cost Foleo: $500 Palm Notebook: 1 book, 1 old palmpilot ($25) and Landware GoYype ($40), hours of time.

Bonus Round: Green-ness Foleo: 100% not recycled Palm Notebook: 90% recycled

From Allen Wong:

Future Plans:

After they saw the article in MAKE, the good folks at Palm sent me a TX. When I get a wireless keyboard, the TX will be disassembled and converted into another Palm Notebook, hopefully smaller and lighter than the first.

Upgrading to a brand new TX with WiFi and a 320 x 480 screen would bring the total to around $325. Which one would you buy?

Palm Pilot Notebook [Make Digital]

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