On Yer Bike with the iH85B, iHome's iPod Speaker

10186_11_2_b.jpg Cyclists may be so excited by the iH85B, iHome's waterproof and impact-resistant speaker unit with its ingenious design that hides iPods deep within its shiny black polycarbonate carapace. And the 99-buck unit is remote controlled, too, so you won't find yourself wobbling across five lanes of traffic and into the path of an oncoming bus just because you decided that it wasn't the time for Avril Lavigne*.10186_61_3.jpg

Attach the separate RC unit to your handlebars and the speaker to the bit below your crossbar and off you go. The speaker uses Reson8 technology and it even comes with an AC lead so that you can charge your iPod up through it.


*Does anyone have time for the shouty little brat?

Product Page [iHome via Mobile Whack]

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