Olympus Teaser Pointing to P1 Top Dog?

olympus_tease.jpgOlympus has something big in the pipeline, and it's teasing the hell out of it on its website. It's the log-awaited successor to the Olympus E1, and we saw it under glass at PMA where its codename then was simply "P1."

Others were calling it the E-Pro, and we're hoping it's an improvement on the E1's body that wasn't too popular with the pros, who really do like Olympus's lenses. We have a few ideas of what this camera's going to be like.It's not going to be pleasantly compact, but it'll certainly be more capable than its already competent brandmate we've already fondled, the Evolt E-410 that's nice and small and Live View-equipped. It's going to also surpass the soon-to-be-released Evolt E-510 that we also had a chance to try out at PMA (we especially liked its Live View feature).

It'll have a lot more power and features than those two, and we're guessing it'll also have Live View just like they both do. It might even be able to go toe-to-toe on some features with the formidable Canon EOS 1 Mark III.

Product Page [Olympus, via Crunchgear]

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