Nokia's 8600 Luna has Smoked Glass, Hefty Pricetag

8600luna.jpgNokia has just unveiled their latest phone, the 8600 Luna. It's unique in that its defining feature is glass … it's got a transparent smoked glass sliding mechanism that keeps the keypad visible when the phone is closed, with sexy results.

As for the inside (it's what counts, after all), it's a quad-band GSM phone with a 2-megapixel camera and a microUSB port. No other details to be had, but hey, it's pretty! Is it pretty enough to warrant the nearly $950 pricetag? No, no it isn't. It'll be hitting Europe in the second quarter, and there's no word on a Stateside release.

Hit the jump after the gallery for a video of the Luna in action

Product Page [Nokia]

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