Newton Users, the Wait is Over for You Too

iPhone-Newton-Screen-small.jpgWe published our 20 exclusive iPhone wallpapers collection yesterday, but this one just beats them all for pure comedy effect. Reader Taz Goldstein, one of the first Newton adopters back in 1993, has sent this great background for all other Newton users who have been waiting for an Apple-designed replacement since forever. The question: is iPhone really a Newton replacement?

While Taz is getting an iPhone, for some Newton diehards the Apple JesusPhone won't be a replacement. Some will say that even if it has color and has a great design, it just doesn't have the many things that made the Newton an amazing product.

It lacks the concept of "data soup" and it doesn't have a public SDK, so no third-parties can extend it. Thanks to this, the lively Newton community has developed hacks that have pushed it into the Internet era (no Flash-video support yet, though), showing that the grandaddy of PDAs still can beat them all.

However, the fact is that the iPhone, while simpler than Newton, it's an extremely powerful device. Much more than the Newton ever was. Its software is more accessible to normal users than the Newton's; it runs an extremely fast operating system and, most importantly, it has a phone and built-in Wi-Fi, which is reason enough to make it a better communicator than the Newton. A product for the masses, rather than a niche wonder.

And looking at the waiting lines and the media frenzy, I'm going to get my hazy crystal ball out and say that there's another thing in which the iPhone is better than the Newton: this one won't flop.


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