Mystery Bulb Lights Up While Hanging in Space

bulb_magic.jpgWhat? Light bulbs don't need to be screwed in any more? This picture of a mysteriously levitating light bulb is said to be an unaltered photo of an art piece to be demonstrated at an exhibition in Barcelona later this week. A new version of an earlier prototype, the scant info released thus far tells us it's an electromagnetically levitated lightbulb, and that it's wirelessly powered.

What else do we know about this seemingly supernatural feat?It's been improved over its predecessor from a couple of years ago, and its creator says it has much higher efficiency, letting the light bulb glow brighter and using less electricity at the same time. Using those weird magnets, it's able to hang there in space, 2.5 inches above its base. Apparently, there are electromagnets inside the bulb that repel those magnets on the ceiling and floor of this installation.

Geez, there are great strides being made with this wireless electricity. Today's parlor trick may end up being tomorrow's everyday tech.

Light Bulb [Jeff Lieberman, via SlashGear]

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