Mr. Obvious Shaw Wu Predicts Cheaper iPhones Sometime Later

Profile_wu.jpgShaw Wu, Analyst from American Technology Research and Apple fortune cookie teller is predicting cheaper iPhones in the future. Specifically: "lower cost iPhone prototypes for release at unspecified future dates"

Obviously. This post isn't bout that. Let's talk about Shaw.He has a 4/5 rating from Yahoo! Finance, and Macrumors tracks him at about a 50% hit ratio. He's sometimes right, but usually his predictions are vague and obvious. He reminds me of this crazy old chinese uncle I had that got rich on the stock market during the bubble, and who would whisper inane secrets in my ear like "Psst, buy Microsoft!" Genius.

So, here's my prediction list of Shaw Wu's 2007 prediction list: •6th Generation iPods due before end of Q3 2007. Or Q4. 2008. Will be offered in white and black. •iPhone 2 coming in 2008. Will be sleeker, more Nano Like. Will have a 12 and 16GB model, or at least more storage than the 8GB version. Unless it doesn't. •Sky continues to be blue, except when it is rainy or foggy, which I believe will mean gray. And at night, it will be black. Like an iPod.

Come on dude, hit us with some specifics like when you dropped the Macbook moniker on us out of nowhere.

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