More Motorola Sidekick Slide Details

sidekickslidase.gif A tipster sends us new details on the Motorola and T-Mobile Device, confirming that this is indeed the "Zante", and speculates that this is an interim device until the real Sidekick 4.•It's called the Motorola Q700, or Zante •September 9-11, 2007 Launch [In question, as are all unofficial release dates] •Danger 4.0 OS •Assisted slide •Round keyboard keys •Transmissive 2.4-inch, 320 × 240 screen •118mm x 62mm x 17.5mm •MMS support •MicroSD •USB charging •Voice dialing •Same 100/30 SMS message limit as previous SKs •Same 1.3MP camera

All unconfirmed, of course. Looks like we have a contender here for a hot non-business phone OS. Likely, they'll lock it down like they've locked down the other Sidekick OSes, though.

sizeunknown.jpg screenshot2.jpg

[Thanks Tipsters]

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