MIT Students Create an Electric Porsche 914

914electric.jpgDespite being a great car (if you can actually drive) the 914 has always been hassled by Porsche enthusiasts, claiming that it's more VW than Porsche. Well just wait until they see this.

A couple of students at MIT retrofitted a 914 with an electric engine and 12 lithium-ion batteries. Yes an electric Porsche, Hell has indeed frozen over. According to preliminary tests, the 914 should max out around 85 mph with a 100-mile range. No word yet on what they're expecting the 0-60 to be other than "quite zippy". Too bad this looks like it will just be a proof of concept car, since the paltry 100-mile range wouldn't sit to well with most of America.

An Electric Porsche at MIT [CNET]

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