Minimalist Mobile, Where Less is Less

cellphone_minimalist_front.jpgThis phone design by Jacob Palmborg is for all those who loathe the iPhone and are sick and tired of hearing about it. This one's just a cellphone that plays a bit of music and stores a list of your contacts, nothing more. What a concept! It has an attractive OLED touchscreen interface that appears underneath its spooky-looking black façade, and on the back there's a fingerprint ID screen so the phone will know that you are actually you.

Its slightly angled face might make it easier to hold up to your face. That shallow angle might not be too comfortable in a pocket, though. Considering the objections Apple has been getting to its touchscreen interface, let's hope this designer is also working on a way to make this one even more tactile and user-friendly. Nevertheless, we like its minimalism. Hey, not all of us are iPhone worshipers around here.

Designer Site [Jacob Palmborg, via Idea Wicket]