Mini Blu II Bluetooth Headset Gets Even More Outlandishly Small

miniblu_front.jpgFoneGear has shrunk its Mini Blu Bluetooth headset, making it even smaller and lighter, and now it's called the Mini Blu II that'll be shipping in September. No question about it, this is one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets we've seen.

It'll run for about eight hours on a battery charge, and if you're looking for a bit more ostentation, you can get it with those goddamn Swarovski crystals. Maybe that'll help you spot it when you drop this tiny bugger between the seat cushions. We're not that crazy about this pinkish color, but it'll be available in other hues. Anyway, it's that improbably minuscule size that's got us going. So how did it sound, and does it fit on the ear nicely?It's so small and light, it actually works better without that earhook you see pictured here. We tried one out, and it hangs in your ear Lieutenant Uhura-style, and is perfectly comfortable. It actually works well, too, not sounding half bad, especially for a $50 Bluetooth headset.

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