Megan Fox Gets Ready for Transformers Debut By Lounging Around in Her Underwear

megan_fox_front.jpg Try as we might to refrain from posting shots of Transformers co-star Megan Fox again, it was just too much. I mean, part of her little ass canyon is showing in one of these. Plus, we have the blessing of those generous souls at FHM, fine purveyors of pics featuring the female form. Transformers? To hell with all those pictures of silly robot toys. Transform this. On to the gallery! And after that, a thinly veiled attempt to justify posting babe shots.

So what makes this young filly tick? This oughta give you some insight:

"Once, my ex and I were bored and driving through Beverly Hills," she told FHM. "We thought it was bullshit that all these spoiled people had other people taking out their trash, so we were plowing down the street, knocking over trash cans. I hit one that was full of giant tree branches and it left a huge dent."

We don't get it. Is that scenario part of the Transformers movie?

Megan Fox [FHM]

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